KidCap - Helmet Therapy and Plagiocephaly Treatment.

The KidCap is the leader among cranial molding technologies for plagiocephaly treatment through helmet therapy. With proven success since 1999, Infinite Technologies was among the first to gain FDA clearance for its cranial molding helmet as a craniosynostosis and plagiocephaly treatment. Our practitioners are each board certified orthotists with 75 years of combined clinical experience. We have treated over 900 cases, including plagiocephaly, post-operative craniosynostosis, and treatment for patients with VP shunts.

Learn  who is right for KidCap Therapy and what it offers as a Plagiocephaly Treatment

Who is right for helmet therapy? KidCap
Helmet Therapy

KidCap Advantages

  • Diagnosed for plagiocephaly or related cranial disorders.
  • Enlargement of one or more cranial quadrants
  • Head flattening
  • Visually apparent facial asymmetry
  • Neck muscle asymmetry

  • Complimentary evaluation by board certified practitioners
  • Complimentary consultation and measurements report
  • Achieve correction with a single orthosis for plagiocephaly 
  • Dynamically directed correction of the head propelled by natural growth cycle to reduce plagiocephaly

  • Better cranial and facial symmetry compared to other plagiocephaly therapies
  • Better ear symmetry
  • Improved self-image later in life
  • Reduced risk of jaw related disorders
  • Reduced need of surgical intervention

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